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With proven user-friendly access and customizable charts, MT5 is globally used Forex Trading Platform. Scroll down to learn more about the features and download in your system.

Get your entire checklist ticked as MT5 aids with the Risk Management Tool with concurrent market analysis. The Robust structure has made MT5 reliable & stable and the beauty is that it is available for almost every version from Windows XP to Windows 8.

LoyalFXMarkets dives deep to make you fetch its features

Technical Analysis: With the added 80+ Advanced Forex built-in Indicators, Market Insight Charts allows you to track all parameters pertaining to the on-going drift in the price. MT5 has no limitation for the use of Indicators in-line with the charts to customize the period that matches your trading strategies.

Multi-Currency: LoyalFXMarkets further deepens MT5 in acquiring its perpetual feature to go beyond the chartings to get a hold of useful data off the chart. Are you looking for many currency pair trading in your portfolio? We have that feature; you have mastered it.

Visually Interesting: Generally, the same old sage of regular line objects draw support and resistance lines in the charts. Just download and install MT5 on Windows 8 / Earlier version to visualize tons of graphical objects to fascinate your chart’s appearance.

Automated Trading: The EAs is known as Expert Advisors built using the MQL programming language to create your own trading robot. To reduce you sweat, this MQL will automate a trading strategy or create a new custom indicator that draws-out the scope of offered indicators.

Order Types: Aren’t you keen to get an idea on the number of order types available. MT5 is flexible in your trading by presenting you with the Pending Order Types, such as: Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Buy Stop, and Sell Stop.

The Best part: A quick access to the additional types of orders – OCA, one cancels another type of order. This edition is liable for advanced traders, and MT5 encourages you to Place Stop Losses and Take Profits.

Ease of Use: A very innate MT5 is, in fact, entirely natural and fuzz-free that enables you to situate your orders in just a 1-Click-Trading tool especially if you are a scalper. You can dig up the trader’s magazine from your MT5 trading platform crossing point, as an indirect feature tied in-line with MT5.

Want to install MT5 on Windows? You are few steps away for a greater trading experience.

  • Read the MT5 license agreement before installing MT5
  • Download the MT5 installer – .axe file.
  • Select the path in the device and not in program files.
  • Start to install all the MetaTrader 5 files that comprises of the installation wizard, MetaQuotes Data Network.

It may check your patience, but has an effective result.

  • Run the MetaTrader 5
  • Login to your account to trade over 50 currency pairs, lots of CFDs, metals, oil and much more.

Do contact us to install MT5 on Windows for a beautiful trading experience

Download MT5 for Windows

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