Human loom : Get a human tough and empathy in all what we do that give us the identity in this automated ecosystem. We offer a generous trader account for all entries.

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Customer Support : We’ve got everything in our hand to access. LoyalFXMarkets enables customer support via phone and live chat to assist you in all technical and organizational matters.

Risk Management : For your potential profits and minimum losses, we’ve crafted the risk management features, that guarantee stop-loss orders, while the premium is fully refunded when not initiated. Solutions for Retail, individual or corporate.

We Don’t Snooze : Are you struck in any technical, accounting issues? Just we are a ring away to sort and solve you issues, with our skilled team of professionals who works 24hours.

Extra trading opportunities : Yes, we’re no longer an ordinary trading broker! With the multiplies of spread betting and CFDs that we can bring in got us potential trading opportunities, that scaled us form just an Ordinary to an ‘Extra’- Ordinary broker.

Hassle-free : We’re aware that hidden fees and unforeseen charges can take a good portion out of your trade/funds. That surge doesn’t happen, as we offer transparent transactions with no commission, no charges.

Lively Chartings : We’re here as a community to afford you with an array of features supporting your chart analysis. Acquire manifold of chart types, technical indicators and drawing tools for granted.

Organized Execution : Trade the way you want to. Log-in and Log-out in just a matter of time. You can set the pace and be in control of any probable surge in the market. Stay safe and secured